Hike along White Cart Water in icy conditions

Today was characterised by below freezing temperatures which contributed to the blanket of extremely slippery ice which covered roads, pavements (sidewalks) and nearly everything else. This made travelliung extremely challenging.

Tobogganer travelling at speed on ice covered bitumen path


The expected overnight snowfall did not occur so we were left with the ice and an otherwise dry, sunny day. 

Due to the lockdown restrictions (which tighten even further from midnight) my wife and I had planned a extensive hike tracking the White Cart Water (river) from Linn Park to Pollok Park, both of which are in Glasgow.

Unfortunately the icy conditions forced us to shuffle along, holding on to what supports we could find, as a consequence of which we were out for about five hours but covered only about half the distance planned.

However, all was not lost. We did have some 'fun' navigating the ice and managed to stay upright most of the time. The weather conditions were OK and contributed to a selection of reasonable images as shown herein.

Tobogganer travelling at pace in Linn Park. Note the parallel 'ridge and furrow' lines across the landscape. These date to ancient farming practices which ended in the 1600S and 1700s.

View of White Cart Water in winter

Waterfall on White Cart Water

Detail of waterfall illustrating the 'stalactite' type icicles in right of picture.


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