Walk in a Glasgow park on a very cold winter's day.

 Frienfly snowman

Today proved another wonderful combination of weather conditions, ideal for photography.

Overnight we had a dusting of snow and sub-freezing temperatures. In the day time the sky was clear blue and devoid of any cloud.

Due to covid restrictions I cannot venture out more thana  few miles (without good reason) and hence, one again, I went to nearby Rouken Glen Country Park. This park has won awards in the past and offers a wide variety of scenery and topics for photography.Furthermore, there is tangible evidence of occupation by man here going back about 5000 years.

The result of my photo inspired hike around the park is provided in this post. Regular readers of my pots may recognise some of the scenes from previous posts but, again, I am constrained by the current lockdown rules. In these conditions the scenery and views out in the nearby Trossachs and Loch Lomond regions must be outstanding but travel there is verboten.

Tonight, temperatures may fall to minus 10 C (14 f) which is cold for us in the west of Scotland.

Frozen pond and pavilion. All the water birds (swans, ducks, etc.,) have vanished.

View of Glasgow and Campsie Fells

Waterfall back lit by winter sun

Arboreal scene

Path in winter

Path in winter

Woodland in winter

Park bench in winter.


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