Hike around Glyn Ceiriog, North Wales

This evening, I am reprising a hike through a scenic area in North Wales.

To reach the site (Glyn Ceiriog) entailed driving along backroads, a route which provided stunning views of the local landscape.

Upon arrival at the village of Glyn Ceiriog we had lunch then embarked on a two-hour hike around the local landscape. This proved very rewarding, in terms of exertion and views in the afternoon sunshine. The Welsh language is spoken extensively here.

Llangollen, Wales Llangollen


Llangollen Landscape, Wales Llangollen Landscape

Hiking around Glyn Ceiriog, Wales Hiking around Glyn CeiriogGlyn Ceiriog, Wales Glyn Ceiriog

Landscape view, Glyn Ceiriog, Wales Landscape view, Glyn Ceiriog

St Ffraid's Church, Glyn Ceiriog, Wales St Ffraid's Church, Glyn Ceirig


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