Elgin Marbles

  Elgin Marbles at British Museum

Tonight, I am reporting on the link between Scotland's surviving Bruce family, with a direct link to King Robert the Bruce, victor of the Battle of Bannockburn near Stirling, Scotland) in 1314, and an extensive collection of high quality marble statues and carvings dating back nearly 2500 years which were taken by Thomas Bruce (Earl of Elgin) from the Parthenon in Athens, which at the time was in a ruinous state, and shipped same to London between 1801 and 1805 where they were displayed to the public before transfer to the British Museum in 1817 where they remain to this day.

More Information:

  • The current living blood connections with Robert the Bruce are the nonagenarian Earl and his son, Lord Charles Bruce whose family seat is Broomhall near Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Lord Charles Bruce is descended from Edward, the brother of Robert the Bruce. Robert's line died out after one generation.
  • Since the 1980s Greek governments have lobbied for return of the statues, which are otherwise known as the Parthenon Sculptures. However, the Bruces and British Museum argue that the sculptures were legally removed with consent of the then ruler of Greece, Selim III, sultan of Turkey. At the time, the Earl of Elgin was the British Ambassador to the sultan of Turkey. Stand-off between Greek and British authorities continues.
  • About a quarter of the original complement of sculptures at the Parthenon are held at the British Museum.
Elgin Marbles Elgin Marbles Elgin Marbles Elgin Marbles Elgin Marbles Display Gallery at British Museum, London


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