Lostwithiel and River Fowey, Cornwall 

Lostwithiel and River Fowey,

This evening, I am posting imformation and images on the quaint and ancient medieval town of Lostwithiel (pop 2800) located on the banks of the River Fowey in South Cornwall. Location is about 250 miles S.W. of London.

Medieval Bridge over River Fowey, Lostwithiel 

Medieval Bridge over River Fowey, Lostwithiel

The name dates from the 12th century and translates as 'Tail-end of the woodland'.

Here is a vibrant and colourful little town which boasts many old building and structures including the 13th century church, 13th century Duchy Palace and 14th century bridge. In Lostwithiel can also be found narrow streets, interesting architecture and even a record of a property lease recorded in stone.


Football ( Soccer) Match at Lostwithiel 

Football ( soccer) match at Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Medieval Gateway, Lostwithiel 

Medieval Gateway, Lostwithiel

Methodist Church, Lostwithiel 

                                                                        Methodist Church

St Bartholomew's Church, Lostwithiel 

St Bartholomew's Church (Anglican)

Lease Recorded in Stone 

Lease (1652) recorded in stone

Street Scene, Lostwithiel 

Street Scene, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Nearby can be found Restormel Castle which was the historic seat of Edward, the Black Prince and 1st Duke of Cornwall (1330-1376)

Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel 

Restormel Castle

Lostwithiel has a unique character and appeals to visitors interested in the history and hidden treasures of Cornwall.


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