Scallastle Forestry Walk-Mull

                                       View across Sound of Mull to the mainland

This morning, we undertook a three-mile hike along a trail through Scallastle Forest on the Isle of Mull.This entailed navigating tracks and trails, steep and rocky in places, through regenerating woodland on a hillside. Scallastle offers an atractive cascading burn (stream) and views across the Sound of Mull to the mainland opposite.

This site is managed by government agency, the Forestry Commision. Historically, in common with many other such sites, Scallastle grew conifers on a mono culture basis.  However, such practices were not conducive to the local eco-system consequent upon which a more enlightened regime for managing the environment has been implemented.Emphasis is now on improving the natural woodlands by better management of wildlife and biodiversity.

We encountered a wide range of native flowers including, violets, bluebells and primroses. We also saw bog cotton and thistles.Trees included birch, alder, oak, ash, hazel, conifers and silver birch.Other plants included bog cotton and thistles.

                                                                       Wild flowers

                                                 Primroses and bluebells

                                                                      Admiring the view


                                                                           Mountain stream (burn)

                                       Indulging in a spot of 'wild swimming' high up in the hills

                                                                     A tough part of the hike


                           Another view across the Sound of Mull to the mainland opposite

                                                           Thistle-the symbol of Scotland

Overall, a satisfying trip. The weather was mild, dry and relatively wind free.


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