Trip to Iona


                                           Mull landscape en-route to Iona

This morning, we departed our lodgings on Isle of Mull and embarked on a thirty-five mile drive to Fionnphort via a long and winding, single track road. The drive is part of the experience but opportunity for photo stops are limited due to the narrowness of the road combined with flow of traffic. Because of these features I missed the chance to photograph a herd of feral goats. However, weather conditions were excellent comprising sunshine and blue skies.

After about 90 minutes we arrived at Fionnphort to connect with the ferry to Iona.Unfortunately, we were not alone and found parking extremely challenging. However, we eventually found a spot and boarded the ferry for the ten minute crossing. Visitors' cars are not usually permitterd on Iona which is just as well as road space is extremely tight.

 View from Fionnphort looking towards Iona.(The village's name is the anglicised pronunciation of the gaelic for "White Port" )

   Ferry arriving at Fionnphort

Upon arrival we checked in at the hotel, availed of some refreshments and then undertook a short walk around the immediate locality. The weather conditions provided superb visiibilty, very suitable for landscape photographs.

Iona benefits from a reflective, quiet and spiritual atmosphere, not to mention absence of traffic.  This is no doubt influenced by the continuing strong Christian ethos here underpinned by the work of the Iona Community which offers spiritual retreats on a ecumenical theme.

The present abbey building is located on a site which has witnessed transitions from the Celtic Church to Catholicism to Protestantism.

 View from Iona towards Mull. Note Highland Cows and sheep in the foreground.

Pillar Box on Iona. Apparently, this is a replica of a Victorian original but confirmation remains elusive.

                View of Iona Abbey. This is a rebuild/restoration of medieval predecessor

Tomorrow we plan to start a series of walks around this historic island.


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