Mary Queen of Scots Way-Day 7

View of Lomond Hills

Today, was the penultimate day of my west-east hike across Scotland. I covered 16 miles from Falkland to Ceres.

The terrain included tracks, field paths and quite country lanes. The grade was generally flat reaching a peak of 500 feet.

Falkland: A very ancient town with connections to Scottish royalty, principally the Stewarts which includes the famous Mary. Recently used as a set for Outlander.

View of Falkland and local landscape

I encountered this fledgling Thrush bobbing about, seemingly unable to fly. The bird's parents were probably in the vicinity so I left it alone.

Woodland path on departing Fakland

Friendly Horse

A field of barley. This will probably find its way into the whisky industry.


Cattle being fed on carrots

Ex-mining industry wagon put to alternative use at Kingskettle. It may have been used for transporting limestone.

Narrow pathway

Bizarrely attired horse which looks more suited to the medieval period. Assume the coverings are to deter flying beasties but I was unaffected.

Horse with foal

Field of wheat. This can also be used in the whisky industry, usually in blends.

Flypast by a flock of seagulls

Surprise encounter on remote farm with artisan skinner who prepares and sells animal hides.

Van interior of mobile fish retailer who services the local farms.

Landscape view of Ceres, my final destiantion of the day from where I am writing this blog.

More information for the tourist 

Many aspects of Scotland are covered in the Visitors’ Guide to Scotland. ISBN is 978-1-9161332-0-4. Also available via Kindle.


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