Isle of Man Tour- Day 3


Landscape in north of island

Today ws a day of two halves. In the morning, my wife and I went on the quaint and historic electric tram from Douglas to Ramsey in the north of the island whilst in the afternoon I undertook a seven mile hike in the south of the island using Douglas as a base.

Morning Trip

As will be evident from the images below, we passed through open countryside with views of the sea then arriving in the pleasant port of Ramsey. Ramsey was the landing point of the 'Jet-Ski Romeo' who, in late 2020, undertook a hazardous trip from Scotland to Isle of Man by jet-ski in context of a romantic liaison with a local, Isle of Man girl-friend. He was jailed for his efforts and then deported back back to the U.K. in time for Christmas.


 Boarding the tram at Douglas

Herd of goats

Market in centre of Ramsey

Beach at Ramsey

Aptley named 'Bleak House' found in a high-end district. A 'fixer upper' for someone!

Ramsey Harbour

Cruise ship off island's east coast

Afternoon Hike

Upon returning to Douglas mid afternoon I embarked on a three hour, seven mile hike starting and finishing Douglas. This entailed glorious coastal views, a quaint stem train, and farming vistas.

Bee at work

 Coastal view

Seasonal flowers: Gorse and Heather

Interesting geology: Vertical rock formations

Landscape view

 Steam train passing across the landscape

Marina at Douglas

Tomorrow we plan to visit an agricultural show.


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