Trip to Leyland, England


Shetland Pony

This evening, we are staying at a motel near Leyland in northern England en-route to S.W. Wales.

As we travelled down from Scotland we encountered heavy rain shower pulses from the west interspersed with which were sunny periods, albeit no rainbows.

 Galloway, Scotland landscape

 Hills on edge of English Lake District taken from moving vehicle in heavy rain.

At times we encountered excellent scenery and landscapes but as travelling fast down a motorway (interstate) photography of such sites was impossible.

Attched to our lodgings is a children's farm at which I was able to obtain  some useful images of the animals, ducks and carp.

Carp at feeding time

 Tufted Ducks

 Mallard Ducks at feeding time

Shetland Pony


Hope to obtain some interesting images of the Welsh landscape tomorrow.


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