Bosham Church, England



Bosham Church, England

Bosham Church 


This evening, I am posting information on Holy Trinity Church, Bosham, England.

Information  on  Bosham

Bosham is a coastal village and civil parish in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England, centred about 2 miles west of Chichester with its clustered developed part west of this.The village sits close to the coast and is about 82 miles SW of London.

The village was recorded as Bosanham in 731 AD which means 'Homestead or promontory of a man called Bosa'.

As will be evident from the information below, Bosham was important during the Anglo-Saxon period as evidenced by King Harold being in residence nearby, mention in the famous Bayeux Tapestry and the church housing a memorial to the daughter of the Danish King, Canute who, for a period in the 11th century, ruled England, Denmark and Norway.

Information on  Bosham Church

The Sussex population was predominantly heathen (non-Christian) until the latter part of the 7th century.The exception being a small group of Irish monks (Celtic church) who were known to be at Bosham.

The church is now used for Anglican worship but was originally Catholic.

The key features of this historic church are:

  • Has Saxon origins with lower stages of the tower and first third of chancel dating from this (Saxon) period.
  • Depiction in the Bayeux Tapestry because Harold, Earl of Wessex, had a home in the vicinity. In the Tapestry Harold is depicted entering the Church before his visit to Normandy in 1064.
  • South Aisle dates from 14th century.
  • Late 12th century Font.
  • The Tower: the first three stages dating from the Saxon period (late 10th c to middle 11th c). Surviving Saxon features are: tower arch, triangular-headed doorway and round headed window higher still.
  • 11th century Chancel Arch.
  • 12th c Pillar Piscina.
  • Memorial to King Canute’s daughter.
  • Three stage Chancel: Saxon, Norman and Early English.
  • Ancient oak chest dating from around AD1300.
  • Late 14th c Crypt.
  • 16th c peal of six bells.


  • Harvest offering at Bosham Church, England

    Harvest offering at Bosham Church

Chancel at Bosham Church, England

Chancel at Bosham Church

Font at Bosham Church, England

Font at Bosham Church


Tower at Bosham Church


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