Glasgow in winter


First snowman of the year. This is constructed on a  rocky outcrop.

Weather conditions today in Glasgow proved exceptional for landscape photography. Overnight there had occurred a light covering of snow which was followed by a coincidence of intense low-angle sun, blue skies and no wind.

I set off with my cameras to nearby Rouken Glen Country Park and Deaconsbank golf course with latter offering a good high elevation platform with views to the north. The line of hills in the far distance are, variously, the Kilpatrick Hills and Campsie Fells.

One-year old St. Bernard (minus traditional brandy cask). Perhaps he is planning to rescue the snow sport participants in the image below? The dog's owners mentioned he eats 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) of food every day.Clearly, a pet for a deep-pocketed person. 

Fun time on improvised sledge

Snowboarder putting golf course to alternative use.

The following images are taken from the golf course looking north with Glasgow in the centre ground.

The weather is projected to return to more 'normal' conditions tomorrow, comprising rain and strong winds.


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