Tour of Lincolnshire, England


Traditional Windmill, Boston

Tonight, I am reprising an ancestry themed tour for American guests with English ancestry.This post focuses on the Lincolnshire (eastern England) element of the trip. People movements are a strong theme here because this part of England was settled by both Scandinavians (Vikings) and Anglo-Saxons. For a while Lincolnshire was ruled by the Danes.Much later, in the 17th century there was well documented movements of early settlers to America. The place name Boston (of Anglo-Saxon origins) was transported to the New World.Video clip at foot of this post records a monument to a thwarted attempt by a putative group of emigrants to sail to America.Unfortunately, in the 17th century government permission was required to emigrate, not just a passport and plane ticket!

The High incidence of churches in the tour is because is because these buildings were community centres as well as places of worship with some having origins in the first millennium and thus a long record of permanence which transcended many other buildings.

Here is a summary of the trip:

This morning, we departed our lodgings at Great Yarmouth and the proceeded to visit:

  • Tatterford Church.
  • King's Lynn with its Minster (church) and old architecture.
  • Spalding, passing past fields of Narcissus/Daffodils.
  • Ayscoughfee Gardens and Springfield Gardens near Spalding.
  • Skirbeck Church near Boston.(Skirkbeck is pure Scandinavian with the 'beck' element meaning stream.)
  • Monument to the Pilgrim Fathers at location where the group of emigrants to America were thwarted in their attempt to depart in September, 1607.


King's Lynn Architecture


King's Lynn Minster


Inside King's Lynn Minster


Ayscoughfee Gardens,


Bowls at Ayscoughfee Garden


Skirbeck Church

Video clip of Founding Fathers Monument

Overall, this day's trip proved productive and rewarding aided by sunny and dry weather.


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