Matlock, Derbyshire, England

This evening, I am posting information on the town of Matlock in Derbyshire, northern England from where I am writing this.

Town centre

Matlock impresses as a prosperous and popular town. It sits in the Derwent Valley and has a popualtion of 20,000.

Here can be found a wide variety of shops, a railway station,  public park and a cable car link to higher elevations for sightseeing.There is a link to the Limestone Way (long distance hiking trail) and water sports on the River Derwent,.

Railway Station with town in distance.

Steps to Limestone Way

Canoe Slalom Course on River Derwent

Many of the properties are built on a steep valley sides which adds a different dimension to the architecture. 

 Outskirts of Matlock

Matlock rose to prosperity in the early 19th century with the boom in hydrotherapy and associated treatments. This was pioneered by an entrepreneur named John Smedley who amassed a  fortune from the business and went on to build Riber Castle (a mansion) which sits on an elevated site and domibnates the town.

 Town centre public park with Riber Castle in distance.

Here is a video clip of Matlock taken from the Limestone Way trail above the town.

Overall, a good day. Tomorrow we visit other sites in the locality.


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