The Newt, Somerset

This evening, I am reporting on a superb country estate and park in Somerset, southern England which is located about 135 miles SW of London.

                                                       Family group of Red Deer

As far as I am aware the name has no connection with amphibians.

The site is owned by a super-rich south African businessman who has lavished huge amounts of money entailing:

  • Construction of a replica Roman Villa dating to around the mid 4th century AD. This seems to have been inspired by discovery and excavation of an actual Roman Villa on the site. No expense seems to have been spared on the new villa which incorporates forensically accurate detail and thus affords a true connection with a high status home of the period.

                                                              Entrance to Roman Villa

                                         Excavated remains of original Roman Villa

  • Planting of an extensive vineyard. With global warming seemingly accelerating this venture might prove a wise investment.
  • A herd of rare breed cattle.
  • Deer and sheep.
  • Extensive woodland accessed by covered walkways.
  • A discreetly landscaped refreshment/coffee shop where there is an emphasis on gardening.
  • Elevated walkway over a small valley.
  • Magnificent garden area.
  • Outlet selling local produce.
  • Large car park with e-charging facilities.
  • Landscaping offering excellent views of the local, rolling green countryside.
  • A luxury hotel
  • Golf buggy type transport for visitors with mobility issues.
  • A cadre of helpful support staff.



                                               Herd of White Park, rare breed cattle.

                                                           Herd of Red Deer


                                                       Buggy for on-site transport

                                                             Restored 1950s tractor.

This is a discreet site, seemingly not actively promoted.However, if informed visitors and local residents are so minded they can find it. Entrance costs and fees reflect the quality of the experience.


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