Trip to Linlithgow



Aspect of Linlithgow Loch with swans and boatmen.

Today, I spent a pleasant few hours on a photo themed walk around the ancient Scottish town of Linlithgow which is located about 22 miles west of Edinburgh.

Information on the town's history can be found via this post.

My focus today was on acquiring an eclectic portfolio of images which range from Scottish food to wildlife.

Weather is finally changing from an untypical balmy period to a more traditional seasonal spell with fog and temperature hovering just above freezing. These conditions can be positive for landscape imagas as will be evident from the wildlife and related pics taken close to 

Most of the images were taken of or near to Linlithgow Loch which dates back to 10,000 years to end of the last ice age.'Loch' is a Scots-English word for the standard English word 'lake.Linlithgow Peel refers to the land around the loch.

Linlithgow Loch with sun breaking through the morning fog.

Another aspect of Linlithgow Loch
A family of swans emerging from the loch.They were completely unfazed by my presence nothwithstanding I was standing  in their pathway.Generally speaking humans keep out of the way of Swans otherwise a good pecking will be in the offing!

A fleet of coots on the loch.

Flock of Tufted Ducks on Linlithgow Loch

 Sunlight breaking through the fog on Linlithgow Peel

Entrance to Linlithgow Palace and St Michael's Parish Church.

Interesting side alley off Linlithgow High Street..

Selection of regional cheeses from around Scotland at local delicatessen.
Overall, an excellent trip aided by clement weather.


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