Extravagant Christmas Light Display


Following recent reports in the media, this evening I took the opportunity to visit a nearby property which has been subject of an extremely elaborate Christmas display.

Location is Glasgow Southside and, according to a press report, comprises 50,000 lights. There is even an audio element comprising a Christmas carol playing in the background.

The display is reported to have taken two people up to seven days to erect the edifice which incorporates 16 inflatables and 70 figures.

According to the press the owner has been staging the display since 1997 and she now feels duty bound to continue the practice for the benefit of the local community.

I guess there are two ways at looking at this, viz:

  1. An egregious vanity project which has to be looked at in context of the huge amount of energy required at a time of inflation and energy costs so high that many people have been forced to turn off their heating notwithstanding arrival of winter. Some might argue that the energy cost (£500-£1000?) could be better applied in donating to food banks or charities supporting struggling low income people who are currently suffering extreme privations.
  2. The house owner's altruism in financing such an expensive and elaborate project for the benefit of the local community.




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