Hike along a frosty River Clyde


Partly frozen River Clyde with views of the Science Centre.

Many people will be aware that large parts of the British Isles are currently experiencing a prolonged period of sub-zero (sub 20F) temperatures with such unusual at this time of year albeit not unprecedented.

On the plus side, the frozen landscape does afford good opportunities for photography especially when, as now, accompanied by brilliant sunshine.

 Gulls standing on the ice.

This morning, my wife mentioned a news report that Glasgow's River Clyde had begun to ice up. Without much ado I hotfooted it down to central Glasgow where I was able to access both banks of the River Clyde.

I walked three miles along the banks from central Glasgow to central Govan which enabled me to connect with a blend of the region's industrial past, modern architecture and engineering, and even some aspects of nature.

Reflections of residential apartments

Hopefully, the images below will give readers a flavour for the locale in low temperatures whilst at the same time benefting from the exception light conditions. I am content with the quality of the images notwithstanding exclusively taken with a cellphone pending repair of my principal camera.  

View of Govan Town Hall through frost-tipped bullrushes.

'Armadillo' Conference Centre with Finnieston Crane to right.

A frosty view of the BBC Scotland building.

'Armadillo' Conference Centre, Finnieston Crane and SSE Hydro entertainments venue. The crane was erected to transfer steam ships into the holds of ships for export but has been unsued for decades.

View of the river looking west. The tall, silver building on left is the Science Centre Tower.

The Clyde Arc (known locally as the 'Squinty Bridge') is a road bridge spanning the River Clyde.


Frost covered Pussy Willow tree on banks of the Clyde.

Commercial buildings fronting the Clyde

Herring Gulls admiring the vista

Overall, a satisfying trip notwithstandiong the cold temperatures.



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