Ice Disks Phenomenon

This morning we had experienced another overnight of deep freeze temperatures which continued throughout the day. Tomorrow we are projected to experience a dump of snow which may offer more photo opportunities.

Ice Disks in the White Cart

Mindful of a recent national media report of of highly unusual ice disk phenomenon at nearby Linn Park in Glasgow Southside I headed off there this morning and found a 'winter wonderland'.

The ice disks on the White Cart Water (river) are formed from frozen froth on the water surface and transformed into disks by interaction caused by the flowing water.

Images below tell the story of my visit.


 Avenue of trees


Ha'penny Bridge over the White Cart

Ice-cold waterfall

Frozen over White Cart

Another view of the frozen White Cart

On the way home I managed to trap the above pedigree haggis!

Overall, a good trip.


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