Images of Winter


 Bridge over part frozen burn (stream).

During the past few days various regional pockets of the U.K. have been subject to arctic weather conditions entailing heavy snowfalls. 

Whilst the worst of the weather bypassed SW Scotland we did experience temperatures at or below freezing coupled with a light, overnight snow covering.

This morning I ventured out with intention of obtaining images influenced by the brilliant, low angle winter sun and snow cover.

 Snow at lower levels with hills in the distance snow free.

Footprints (mainly dog walkers)

This image of parallel strips at a golf course indicate land management from hundreds of years ago. In the Middle Ages each strip was managed by one family, within large open fields held in common, and the locations of the strips were the same each year. The movement of soil year after year gradually built the centre of each strip up into a ridge, leaving a dip, or "furrow" between each ridge (this use of "furrow" is different from that for the small furrow left by each pass of the plough).

Arboreal shadows


 Colourful hyacinths

This rustic scene was taken about 50 yards from a four lane highway!

Overall, a productive trip.


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