Sheep round-up in Wales

Here is a video-clip of an unusual sheep movement near Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, North Wales.

I have titled it as a round-up but can't see any evidence of farmers or dogs on the scene. Maybe something just spooked the flock and off they went.

Sheep farming has been important to the Welsh economy. Sheep farms are most often situated in the country's mountains and moorlands, where sheepdogs are employed to round up flocks. Sheep are also reared, however, along the south and west coasts of Wales.There are currerntly about 10 million sheep in Wales and the total flock made up nearly 33% of the British total. In 2011 sheep farming accounted for 20% of agriculture in Wales.Historically sheep were raised for their wool but today lamb meat is the key product.


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