Bekonscot Model Village, England



Today I am reporting on the oldest original model village in the world in the world It portrays aspects of England mostly dating from the 1930s.

Bekonscot was created in the 1920s by a Beaconsfield resident, Roland Callingham (1881–1961), and opened to the public on 4 August 1929. Callingham, an accountant, developed the master plan for his miniature empire as an addition to his large back garden, drawing in help from his staff: the gardener, cook, maid and chauffeur. Together they developed the model landscape portraying rural England at the time. The swimming pool became the first "sea" and the undulating rockeries were built up as hills. 

 Bassett-Lowke, the large-scale model railway manufacturers, were commissioned to build an extensive Gauge 1 railway network for the project.[Callingham named the village Bekonscot after Beaconsfield and Ascot, where he had lived previously.

Bekonscot was not conceived as a commercial visitor attraction but as a plaything to entertain Callingham and his guests. It was only after 1930 that its existence became widely known, catching the imagination of the press and public alike. Frequent newsreels, and international and national newspaper coverage, ensured a steady stream of visitors, all of whom were invited to make a donation to the Railway Benevolent Institution.

Bekonscot has been run by the Church Army since 1978 and donates large amounts of money to charity. It has raised the equivalent of almost £5,000,000 and has been visited by more than 14,000,000 people.










  Overall, this is a worthwhile site to visit.Location is about 28 miles NW of London.


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