Latimer, England

This evening, I am reporting of today's trips around various sites in and around the English village of Latimer (pop 1000). Location is about 20 miles NW of London.


Classic English Cottage, Latimer, Buckinghamshire

Classic English House, Latimer

Boer War (1899-1902) memorial, Latimer

 Former village pump at Latimer

Inside St Mary Magdalene Church, Latimer

 Tall trees in local woodland

Bluebell Wood

River Chess. Also general location of former Roman Villa.

Latimer House, a former Victorian mansion and now a hotel.



River Chess

Marsh Marigold at Latimer House

Carp and goldfish at Latimer House


Grey squirrel 

 Parakeet at bird table. The ring-necked, or rose-ringed, parakeet is the UK's most abundant naturalised parrot. It became established in the wild in the 1970s after captive birds escaped or were released.This bird originates from a broad belt of tropical countryside stretching from west Africa to lowland India.



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