Goslings and Coots


Canada Goose and Goslings 

This afternoon I am providing another tranche of images relating to water birds at this important breeding time.

Again, this photo session was opportunistic and resulted in a useful small portfolio of images.

Location was Rouken Glen Country Park in Glasgow's Southside, but specifically the so-called 'Boating Pond' which is a de facto avian reserve being home to a wide range of water birds.

This scene is deceptively sinister.The Swan is not providing an escort but doing his best to keep the goose family away from the main pond-and his own brood of cygnets.Note the Swan's ruffled feathers.In past years the swans have been known to kill goslings. Yesterday the geese were on a small but discrete pond nearby which to my mind provides a more secure base, well away from the swans.

Here is a video clip of the goose family.


Close to the Swan and Geese I noticed a pair of Coots busily working away, building a nest.
Coots are a common water bird in Britain. They build large and untidy-looking nests on the water. This bird is distinguished from the similar Moorhen by it's white beak and 'shield' together with an entiurely black body.

Nest building

Another nest building shot.


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