Goslings and Cygnets


Pair of Canada Geese with goslings

This morning I had a fortuitous photographic encounter with pairs of swans, geese and their respective sets of newly hatched offspring.

Location was Rouken Glen Country Park in Glasgow's Southside.

The principal home for the large variety of water birds is the Boating Pond which is a mini-lake originally established for the sport of curling. Here, a resident pair of Mute Swans reign supreme. They seem to be tolerant of the smaller birds such as ducks but not so the Canada Geese. In past years the Swans have killed goslings but today the geese had relocated to a separate pond nearby where they presumably feel secure.

Unfortunately, I did not have my long lens with me so I had to resort to my cellphone from which I obtained the above image which is 'OK' but perhaps lacking in sharpness.

Here is the pair of Swans with their extensive brood.

The above image was taken at relatively close quarters.

This year the swans have produced at least seven, possibly eight, cygnets compared with just one in 2022.

Below is a video clip of the family group (with Glaswegian accents in the soundtrack)


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