Cricket time in Glasgow


Play in progress

The game of cricket has it's origins deeply entwined in English history. The game was exported in days of Empire and now ranks as one of the key sports in such countries as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.Even war-torn Afghanistan has a team!

Close to our residence in Glasgow, there has long existed a public recreation field. This has recently been upgraded to accommodate cricket matches. These facilities have been patronised by teams organised by local people who originated from the Indian subcontinent where the game enjoys a higher profile than in Scotland.

As will be evident from the images herein, today's event was a cultural/family affair with a well structured tournament at it's heart entailing a group of local teams with one from Edinburgh, about 55 miles away.Participants were all members of local Punjabi (Pakistan) communities. 

The wide range of products on sale included ethnic foods which my wife took advantage of. Tonight, it appears we having Punjabi food for our evening meal.

 Site overview

Players and supporters


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