Findhorn Eco-Village No Longer Financially Viable


This evening, the focus on my blog is the Findhorn Community which is based in the north of Scotland near the town of Forres about 32 miles NE of Inverness.. This follows media reports that the community is no longer viable.


Over a period of 50 years Findhorn developed as a coastal ‘eco’ commnity based on guiding principles of:

  • Spirituality
  • Holistic Education
  • Sustainable Living.

The community evolved from a very modest beginning by a small group living in a single caravan (trailer) who found early success in growing vegetables in a very sandy soil.

Previously the (not for profit) Foundation ran some 200 workshops each year predicated on an underlying spiritual development process which eschews conventional religion.

Membership was not restricted to the confines of  the Findhorn site but extended out into communities in the Findhorn ‘hinterland’.

Visitors were encouraged and commercial B&B accommodation was available in the various houses and caravans on site.

Latest Position

Due to the impact of factors attributed to Brexit, energy costs and a devasting fire the community plans to terminate all educational programmes, retrench 50 of its 60 staff and sell off property. Findhorm Bay Holiday Park will continue to operate as will independent businesses on the site. 


 The images below some of the houses on site which utilise latest energy saving technology.

Eco Power at Findhorn

Wind power at Findhorn

Eco House at Findhorn

Eco House 

Eco House at Findhorn

Eco House 

Eco House at Findhorn

Eco House 

Eco House at Findhorn Community

Eco House at Findhorn

This house was built from a washback or mash tun sourced from a whisky distillery.

Eco House at Findhorn

Eco House at Findhorn

Meeting Room at Findhorn

 Community Centre

Findhorn community garden.

Community Garden at Findhorn

Community Garden

Eco House at Findhorn

Eco House 

The implications for owners of individual properties is not stated.


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