Allotment Visit




This afternoon, I availed of the opportunity to visit a local allotment (Glasgow Southside) consequent on the holders inviting in the public by way of an 'open day'.

For benefit of readers outside the U.K. allotments are, typically, about one acre plots of land subdivided into into strip/blocks which are allocated to local interested persons for the purpose of growing vegetables and other crops such as flowers.

Allotments are usually found near urban areas where residents of houses and flats (with minimal or no back yard) can connect with nature by growing their own vegetables and in so doing link with like minded persons on the same allotment.

In the case illustrated, the entire block of land was once (in the 19th century) the kitchen garden of a local mansion which became derelict. About ten years ago, members of the local community, in conjunction with the local Council which owns the land, managed to resurrect the garden by way of the allotment model. The scheme has proved a great success to the extent that now sixty plots of land (allotments) are under cultivation with forty persons on the waiting list.

Today's open day was well attended aided by sunshine, refreshment areas and sales of garden produce.

Hopefully the images herein will prove of interest to readers although please be aware that occasional intense periods of brilliant sunshine have contributed to distortions in some cases.


Flowers with bee at work


Vegetables et al

Onion harvest

Sweetcorn and flowers


Little Miss Muffet

View from orchard section

Hi-Tec scarecrow


Local High School plot

Overall, a very interesting event.I took the opportunity to purchase some of the locally grown vegetables.


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