Barholm Castle and Garden

This morning, my wife and myself visited Barholm Castle Garden in southern Scotland. Location is on a high elevation point near the Solway Firth, about 35 miles SW of Dumfries.

 The castle is, in fact, a 16th century Tower House which went out of fashion as the countryside benefited from greater security resulting in abandonment of the castle as the owners moved to more comfortable accommodation. Consequent upon the change of occupation the castle fell into decline and became an abandoned ruin for about 200 years.

In 2006 the castle underwent another change of ownership and full restoration.In tandem with work on the castle the new owners embarked on an extensive restoration-and extension- of the gardem which now extends to about three acres.

Key features of the restored garden include:

  •  Extended walled garden with a gate designed by the artist blacksmith, Adam Booth.
  • A courtyard garden.
  • A wooded ravine with huge hybrid rhododendrons.
  • A pond and large fernery with over 90 varieties of fern including tree ferns.
  • A large Victorian style greenhouse filled with succulents and tender perennials and a pond.
  • Rockeries and shrub borders.

The plantings include specimens from around the world as illustrated in the images posted herein. 

View from castle

These three standing stones may have been 'liberated' from a nearby Neolithic site in the distant past.

Designer gate

The owners kindly provided us with an escorted tour of their magnificent property.


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