Galloway Tour, Scotland

Today, Friday is the final day of our sojourn in Galloway, SW Scotland. 

As expected, the weather reverted to default of dark clouds and presistent rain. However we had anticipated that.

Following local recommendations we planned to visit two separate wildlife reserves, one focusing on wild goats and the other red deer. Unfortunately, no one forwarned the goats of our plans and consequently none were to be seen from our viewpoint. However, we had better luck in the adjacent red deer reserve where there was a small herd to greet us. 

 Small herd of Red Deer

 Red Deer fawn

Next we visited nearby Clatteringshaws Loch and inadvertently got caught in a car rally. Fot the benefit of readers outside the U.K. car rallies are suitably 'souped up' saloon car races which take place over forest tracks and the like for which Scotland is particularly well suited.


 Clatteringshaws Loch

Rally car travelling at speed

Next to a natural feature known as Grey Mare's Waterfall which was quite impressive although access proved challenging.

 Grey Mare's Waterfall

Finally, we called in for a meal at a local restaurant and then a local fish smokery. The last proved instructive where a helpful assistant provided an explanation for the lines of wooden poles  projecting from the nearby waters of the Solway Firth. We were informed they were used for catching salmon using nets with such practice now declared illegal in favour of commercial fish farming. 

Poles projecting from water at high tide.

Picture of a picture illustrating how wild salmon used to be caught using shore based nets.

All in all a good day notwithstanding the weather. Now to fight our way home through heavy rain.


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