Gatehouse of Fleet

This evening, I am reporting on my visit earlier today to the scenic town of Gatehouse of Fleet (pop 984) in southern Scotland. Location is 32 miles SW of Dumfries and close to the Anglo-Scottish border.

I found Gatehouse a fascinating experience with the 'old town' district full of interesting architecture much of it from the Georgian period of late 18th-early 19th century. Many of these significant buildings were probably built with proceeds of wealth generated by the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. Activities and industries included four cotton mills, a busy port constructed on the banks of a canalised river (the Fleet), a gas works, tannery and soap works.

Here is a selection of images:

Former tannery, now a grocery store.

Everybody undertakes one of these trips!

Local landscape

Parish Church

Clock Tower dating from 1871

Colourful shop


Place of business of former tailor

Public space in town centre

Entrance to former town hall

Heavy restored for derelict hotel

Classic Georgian design

View of High Street

Water crashing on to old water wheel

Former cotton mill now occupied by book seller(s) and a cafe.

A walk on the quiet side.

Interesting piece of public art

Water wheel on side of former mill

River Fleet in centre of town

The Ship Inn is where Dorothy L Sayers wrote 'Five Red Herrings'.

Landscape view of Gatehouse of Fleet

Cardoness Castle which is a 15th century Tower House located SW of Gatehouse. It was abandoned in the 17th century.


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