Visit Solway Firth

Today, my wife and mys.elf enjoyed a fascinating time on the northern side of the Solway Firsth in southern Scotland. In fact, the Firth acts as part of the boundary betwen England and Scotland.

Typical beach scene

Despite being at a latitude of 55 degrees north we benfited from unusual coincidence of unusually hot weather, shallow seas and a long tidal reach. All of this contributed to excellent swimming and other water activities including me undertaking first ever paddle boarding experience.

As predicted, the weather turned very wet late afternoon but prior to that we managed to explore the immediate locality on foot as illustrated in the images below.


 Red Admiral Butterfly spotted on our beachside walk

 Coastal View

Large White Butterfly

Equine View

 One of two, near identical, very friendly, pussy cats we encountered.

One for my American followers. This is a genuine, left-hand drive, Americn school bus which has been converted as a camper van. Would not like to find myself driving behind this monster on our narrow, winding roads!

Morning mist on coast

Morning sun at 8.00 am

Picked these wild blackberries to sprinkle on our cornflakes tomorrow morning.

We have some intresting sites lined up for tomorrow.





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