Pony Trip for Handicapped-Part 2


On October 17th of this year I reported on a chance encounter with people providing a specialised, pony-drawn conveyance for the handicapped (mainly youngsters in wheelchairs).

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the same pony and gentleman behind the service and special apparatus.Once again, location was our excellent local country park of Rouken Glen.

In course of a long discussion with the gentleman I was advised that he was responsible for the unique design and engineering of the trailer/conveyance which he has just enhanced with a special rear wheel to aid steering.

Here is an image of 'Obama' the faithful male pony who displays an excellent temperament.

Towards the end of our meeting a lady approached the gentleman with a heavily handicapped child and enquired if a trip could be arranged. This was agreed. It was a revelation to me to see the child's eyes and face 'light up' with excitement.


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