Story of a badly damaged dog with a happy ending


Readers of my various social network posts will be familiar with my 'pooch of the day' reports on particular dogs encountered on my morning walks.

Today's encounter proved a real tear-jerker. 

A casual enquiry of the owner of the above three legged animal revealed an appalling back story. I was informed the animal has it's origins in Tanzania, East Africa where rabies is rife. It seems that the local populace are paranoid about the rabies risk to which end this dog was viciously attacked resulting in the loss of one rear leg together with a smashed-up jaw.In fact,this particular dog has never contracted rabies

By good fortune the dog was rescued by animal charities and brought to the U.K. for treatment which entailed a rebuild of the damaged jaw.

Clearly, this particular story has a satisfactory ending with the dog recovering and displaying an affectionate temperament.I suspect there are many more cases which don't end on such a happy note.

For the record Tanzania is a lower-middle income economy with a GDP per capita of  about USD1100.00.


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