Ben Bulben, Ireland


Tonight, I am reporting on the 1726 ft (526m) high, Ben Bulben, part of the Dartry Mountains in County Sligo, Ireland.(Here are links to the town of Sligo and a tour of Western Ireland incorporating Ben Bulben.)

The mountain's distinctive shape was formed during the last ice age which ended about 12,000 years ago.

In common with the Dartry mountains, Ben Bulben is comprised of limestones on top of mudstones which date back up to 345 million years ago.Fossils can be found in the various layers.

Access can be obtained from dedicated walking and climbing routes.

A variety of plants can be found on the mountain including arctic-alpine species. The fringed sandwort has been present since the last ice age.Other notable flora include Alpine saxifrage, Arabidopsis, arctic meadow-rue, bluebells, Meconopsis, Poa alpina, Polystichum lonchitis and snowbed willow.

Fauna include badger, hare and fox.

There is also an avian population of red-billed chough.


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