Kilmuir Graveyard, Skye

Kilmuir Graveyard, Trotternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland


This evening, I am posting information on a burial ground with a very ancient lineage, possibly dating back to the early medieval period.

The kil name indicates an early Christian site, possibly from around the 6th century whilst muir could be corruption of a saint’s name or word for sea, which is adjacent.

Kilmuir  Graveyard is located on the northern tip of the Isle of Skye, in the Trotternish region, between Uig and Duntulm. It is accessed along the same track as the outdoor Skye Museum of Island Life.

The most famous burial at Kilmuir is that of Flora MacDonald (1722-1790) who is famous for assisting Bonnie Prince Charlie escape the pursuing British after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The burial site faces seawards, towards Flora’s home of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

Other important personages interred at Kilmuir include:

  • Angus Martin
  • Charles MacArthur, hereditary piper to the local MacDonalds.
  • Dr John MacLean  (died May 1st 1793, age 85 years)

Ancient Cross at Kilmuir Graveyard

Flora MacDonald’s Monument, Kilmuir



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