Secondary Stone circles on Lewis, Scotland

 Callanish II

Callanish II, Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis is well endowed with prehistoric stone circles. Via a separate blog post I have covered the principal site known as ‘Callanish I’  so this evening I am covering two smaller circles in the vicinity of Callanish I which are known as ‘Callanish II’ and ‘Callanish III’.
In Gaelic, Callanish II is known as Cnoc Ceann a’Gharaidh. Principle features of this ring are:
  • Located 100 yards from water (Loch Roag) and placed on a ridge.
  • Probably originated as a timber circle some 32 feet in diameter.
  • The timber circle was replaced by a circle of tall stones in an ellipse 71ft N-S by 62 ft. with highest stone at N.E.
  • Later a cairn measuring 28ft across was added just east of the centre of the ring.
    Callanish II
Callanish II, Isle of Lewis
In Gaelic, Callanish III translates as Cnoc Fillibhir. Key aspects are:
  • Located on a ridge and thus conspicuous on the landscape.
  • Consists of concentric ellipses with the outer one about 45ft SSE-NNW by 43ft.
  • Eight stones remain standing whilst five have fallen.
  • Interior ring is an oval of four stones but taller than the outer ring.The highest is 7ft.
    Callanish III
Callanish III, Isle of Lewis

 Callanish III
Callanish III, Isle of Lewis

This video clip  illustrates how the the three sites are conspicuously placed on the landscape.

More information for the visitor

For more information on Scottish islands refer Visitors Guide to Scotland, ISBN 978-1-9161332-0-4. This book is also available via Kindle.



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