Amazonia Theme Park


Today, my wife and I paid a visit to a fascinating indoor tropical rainforest experience at Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell ML1 3RT, about 15 miles S.E. of Glasgow in the west of Scotland.

Here we were able to connect with a range of incredible creatures including insects, nocturnal creatures, exotic birds, fish and animals.

It is to be hoped that rainforest inhabitants in the wild can be protected from the relentless advance of climate change and habitat destruction.

 Malayan Jungle Nymph

  Yellow Bellied Terapin

 Sun Beetle

 Amazon Milk Frog


 Argentine Black & White Tegu


 Amazon Orange Winged  Parrot


 Ringed Teal


Emperor Tamarin

Seba's Fruit Bats


Black-Tailed Marmoset

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog

Golden Dart Frog

South American Cockroach

Geoldi's Monkey

Tropical Fish

Overall, a rewarding experience.



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