Horse Shoe Bar


This evening, I am posting information on a famous Glasgow Bar (Scotland), namely the Horse Shoe which is located in Drury Street close to Central Station.


Information on the Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

The Horse Shoe is a good example of Glaswegian pub culture. In addition to drinks the bar is famous for its meat pies and value for money bar food.

However, the Horse Shoe’s main claim to fame rests in the length of its bar which, at 104 feet, ranks it as one of the longest bars in Britain and possibly Europe.

The Horse Shoe was first established in 1846. It was under ownership of former employee John Young Whyte, who acquired the Bar in 1923, that the equine theme was reinforced and extended throughout the establishment.

The building has been assigned Category A listed status which affords protection to the structure.

Video clip of Horse Shoe Bar

External view of Horse Shoe Bar, Glasgow, Scotland 

 More information

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