Special pics from our luxuriant garden


This afternoon, I am posting a portfolio of nature based images taken in our Glasgow garden today. Everywhere growth is verdant, luxuriant and overwhelming as a function of a very wet spring/early summer.

Breakfast time for a couple of semi-domesticated pigeons and one magpie. 

More images

Vibrant buttercups

Bee at work on comfrey plant

Monster dock plant, may be 5'5" tall. If this plant is in fact a dock then it dwarfs the regular specimens found on uncultivated ground.Docks (Rumex spp.) are easily recognised with their large leaves and distinctive seedheads. These leaves are edible and used for herbal remedies and dyeing. They are common weeds in gardens and difficult to eradicate.

Clump of wheat. Have to assume birds were involved in dispersing the seed(s) into this flower bed.

More Information for the visitor to Scotland

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