Royal & Ancient Golf Club


This evening, I am posting information on the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland (the “R&A”) which, in conjunction with the United States Golf Association, determines the set of rules which golfers all over the world must adhere to.The R&A’s rule making status was established in 1897 whilst the ‘royal’ appellation dates from 1834. 

Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

More information

St Andrews is a university town in the east of Scotland, about fifty-two miles N.E. of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

Location of the governing body is apposite because the game of golf developed on the east coast of Scotland, having been first recorded in 1457 - when it was banned by act of the Scottish Parliament!

The east coast of Scotland was eminently suitable for the development of golf because of the existence of long tracts of coastal sand which was progressively consolidated by wild grasses and evolved into strips of turf known today as links.

West Sands, very close to St Andrews Old Course and the R&A

The R&A building is located close to the start and finish points of the 18 hole Old Course.

Famous Swilken Bridge with R&A in distance.

More information for the visitor

The publication Visitors’ Guide to Scotland includes section on golf and  the Fife Coast. ISBN is 978-1-9161`332-0-4. Also available via Kindle..


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