Strathclyde Country Park


This evening, I am reporting on s small group hike over a six mile route through Strathclyde Country Park within the valley of the River Clyde, S.W. Scotland. 


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.Specific sites included Baron’s Haugh and Dalzell Estate

Weather conditions were ideal with participants benefiting from warm sunshine.

As will be evident from the images herein the Park offers:

  • Lush and vibrant greenery.
  • Early summer tree blossoms.
  • Colourful flowers.
  • A herd of cows.
  • River Clyde.
  • An impressive railway viaduct.
  • Hides and bird-watching facilities.
  • A family mausoleum.

 View of parkland and river

Hiking through the countryside

Dalzell Mausoleum

Family Burial Ground

Inquisitive Cows

Blossom and Greenery

River Clyde

Railway Viaduct

Rhododendron Flowers

Hiking Group

More information for the visitor

For information on a wide range of topics including activities, prehistory, islands, whisky and history please refer Visitors’ Guide to Scotland. ISBN is 978-1-9161332-0-4. Also available via Kindle.



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