Royal Yacht Britannia, a 1950s visItor attraction near Edinburgh, Scotland

Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith, Scotland

This evening, I am reporting on a recent visit to museum ship and popular visitor attraction, the
 Royal Yacht Britannia which is permanently moored at Leith, close to Edinburgh, on the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

This vessel, effectively a small cruise liner, is the 83rd such vessel bearing the name. It was launched in 1953 at Clydebank, Glasgow and between 1954 and 1997 sailed over 1.0m nautical miles around the globe on combined ambassadorial and private voyages for the British Royal Family.

Power unit is a 12,000 hp steam turbine.

The vessel is open to visitors throughout the year and is located about 10-15 minutes from central Edinburgh (by direct motor transport).

Visiting Royal Yacht

Engine, Royal Yacht Britannia

Launch, Royal Yacht Britannia

Happy Crew Member, Royal Yacht Britannia

Crew Sleeping Quarters, Royal Yacht Britannia

State Drawing Room, Royal Yacht Britannia

Grand Staircase, Royal Yacht Britannia

Dining Room, Royal Yacht Britannia

Wardroom, Royal Yacht Britannia


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