Chester: A prosperous city with Roman heritage in N.W. England

Tour Boat on River Dee

Chester is a fascinating city which is located about twenty-five miles south of Liverpool in N.W.England. Population is 77,000.

The city was established circa AD 150 by the Romans with the name Deoua from its location in the River Dee, which in turn points to the antiquity of the river name. Subsequently, the city was named Legacaestir (city of the legions) by AD 735 and Cestre (Roman town) by AD 1086. The curent name has evolved from 'Cestre'. Refer this blog post for more information on the city's Roman heritage.

Chester has much to offer, including:
  • Roman heritage and amphitheatre.
  • River Dee, on which tour boats ply their trade.
  • Cathedral dating back to the 11th century.
  • Interesting architecture.
  • Impressive Town Hall.
  • Canal dating from 1772.
  • Racecourse. This area was a harbour in Roman times but has subsequently silted up.
  • Various bridges over the River Dee including a suspension bridge for pedestrians.
  • Seven hundred year old shopping galleries.

Canal Boat

Chester Canal

Ancient Cathedral

Cloister-type shopping arcade

Watergate Street including the ancient, Chester High Cross.

Ancient harbour, now a racecourse due to silting up

The Rows-two tier shopping galleries dating back 700 years.

Town Hall

Eastgate Clock

Eastgate Street

Roman amphitheatre

Queens Park Suspension Bridge

Queens Park Suspension Bridge

River Dee


Chester Canal


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