British Museum, London

Sutton Hoo Helmet. English., Early 7th century AD.

This evening, I am reporting on the British Museum in London, England This museum was first established in 1753 and now houses some eight million items from all around the world.

Half a day is not really adequate to do justice to this vast collection. Presented above and below are images of a representative sample to illustrate the range and quality of the exhibits which are on display.

The Elgin Marbles are subject of an on-going dispute between Greece and Britain. The former is lobbying for return of the carvings/sculptures whereas Britain claims they were lawfully removed from the Parthenon (in 1816). The stand-off continues.

Ancestral figure, Hoa Hakananai'a from Easter Island, 1000-1500 AD.


Rosetta Stone which features three versions of a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt in 196 BC

Horses head (marble) from Parthenon, Greece..438BC-432BC

Ram in the thicket, Ur,  2600 BC

Standard of Ur, Iraq, c. 4,600 years old

Portland cameo glass vase, Roman, 15BC-AD25

Mummified cats from ancient Egypt

Statue of Roman Emperor, Septimus Severus

Part of chess set from Isle of Lewis, Scotland. 12th century AD

Hoard of Roman gold coins from Corbridge, England. AD 160


Coffin of Henutmehyt, a Theban princess.Dates from c. 1250 BC

Aztec turquoise mosaic serpent

Part of Elgin Marbles, c. 447–438 BC

Part of Elgin Marbles, c. 447–438 BC

Sutton Hoo Boat Burial Treasure, 7th century AD, England.


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