Waterford Crystal Factory, Ireland

This evening, I am focusing on the Waterford Crystal Factory in Waterford, Ireland.

Crystal manufacture has a 200-year-old heritage in Waterford. Here visitors can visit the showroom wherein can be viewed the world's largest collection of Waterford Crystal, make purchases and watch the entire crystal making process from wooden moulds to cutting and engraving.

Here are the wooden moulds which are used in the first stage of shaping the molten crystal

Making Waterford Crystal
Making Waterford Crystal


Here is the blowing platform where Master Blowers shape and form the molten crystal using a furnace heated to 1400 degrees centigrade.

Making Waterford Crystal


Making Waterford Crystal
Master Cutter at work

Making Waterford Crystal
Finished Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal
Showroom at Waterford

Waterford Crystal

 Here is a selection of video clips:

Cutting Crystal

 Furnace Room

 Sculpting and engraving crystal



Overall, a high quality and unique visitor experience which is fully deserving of a visit when in southern Ireland.


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