Elsdon: An unspoilt English village with a long history


Northumberland landscape near Elsdon

This evening, I am reporting on the Northumbrian village (England) of Elsdon which lies about thirty miles N.W. of Newcastle upon Tyne on the southern tip of the Northumberland National Park.

Summary facts and information as follows:

  • Home to an 11th century Motte and Bailey castle and a 14th century Pele Tower.
  • Village green extends to 7.5 acres within which is St Cuthbert's Church which can be traced back to the 11th century,
  • Close to Otterburn where was fought a major battle between the English and Scots in 1388. There is a military camp and firing range at Otterburn today.
  • An unspoilt Northumbrian village the peace of which belies an unruly and lawless past.
  • Population about 654.
  • Landscape surrounding Elsdon is mainly used for sheep farming.
  • The name is probably of Old English origin which translates as 'valley of a man called El(l)i'

Video clip of Elsdon Village, Northumberland



 St Cuthbert's Church, Elsdon,



 Inside St Cuthbert's Church, Elsdon, (Cuthbert was a 7th century Anglo-Saxon saint.)


Elsdon Tower, Northumberland. Note defensive nature of architecture, particularly paucity of apertures at lower levels.


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