York Minster: A world-class cathedral in northern England

                                 View of York from Central Tower of York Minster

This evening, I am posting images and information on York Minster, a world-class Cathedral in Northern England.


                                                                   Priest at York Minster

Minster was an Anglo-Saxon name for a missionary church. The first Minster in York was established in AD 627. This was superseded by the Norman Cathedral in 1080 under auspices of the Roman Catholic Church. This structure was subsequently embellished and extended through to 1534 when the Church of England ( Episcopalian) separated from Rome. Subsequent to the 16th century three major fires occurred which required restoration plus underpinning of the central tower (in 1967) which was in danger of collapse.

Rose Window, York Minster

The actual site of the Cathedral dates back to the Roman period. The Undercroft of the Cathedral contains evidence of the Roman Principia, a Roman wall painting and drain.

                                                            Base of Roman column

Today, the Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of York and home to the Minster Choir, one of the U.K.’s top choirs.


                                                  West End and main entrance, York Minster.

As will be evident from the images herein the Cathedral is well endowed with stained glass and outstanding architectural features which date back to the medieval period. Of particular note are:

  • The Nave
                                         Looking West to Nave and West Window.
  • the Kings’ Screen ( Quire)
                                                 Kings' Screen, York Minster
  • Chapter House
                                                                  Chapter House, York Minster
  • Organ and Quire
                                                                            Quire, York Minster
  • The Orb
  • Undercroft
  • Central Tower
  • West Window.

The Cathedral welcomes visitors and worshippers alike.


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