Jameson Whiskey Distillery

This evening, I am reprising a tour of Jameson Whiskey Distillery near Cork, about 150 miles S.W. of Dublin, Ireland.

Actual location is Midleton which is home to the Jameson Whisky Experience.

The guided tour was focused on the Old Distillery which ceased production on 1975 and replaced with a functioning distillery on an adjacent site. Here we were shown the whiskey making process from malting and mashing through to fermentation, distillation and maturation culminating in a tasting.

Tasting at Jameson Whiskey Experience, Midleton, Ireland

Tour Group at Jameson Whiskey Experience, Mildleton

Jameson Single Malts

Jameson Whisky Experience  

Jameson Brands

The most significant brands produced are:

  • Jameson - The best selling Irish whiskey in the world
  • Powers
  • Paddy
  • Redbreast
  • Midleton Very Rare a limited expression of just 117 bottles of Midleton Very Rare 30th Anniversary Pearl Edition to commemorate 30 years of Midleton Irish Whiskey.
  • Green Spot
  • Red Spot
  • Yellow Spot
  • Blue Spot 
  • Overall, a worthwhile experience.Visitors should pre-book a tour to suit own schedule. 



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