Restormel Castle, England

 Restormel Castle, Cornwall 

Restormel Castle, Cornwall, England

This evening, I am posting information on Restormel Castle in Cornwall, S.W. England. Location is close to the River Fowey and the medieval town of Lostwithiel.

Restormel Castle, Cornwall 

Restormel Castle, Cornwall

This is a well presereved motte and bailey castle which was originally built around AD 1100 and then rebuilt by Edmund, Earl of Cornwall in the late 13th century. Defence aided by 17 metre dry moat and steep angled motte slopes .

Motte and Bailey at Restormel Castle 

Motte and Bailey at Restormel Castle, Cornwall

Whilst a ruin, preservation is good with keep, gate, great hall, kitchens and private rooms still visible.

The Black Prince held court here in 1354.

The castle's final military role occurred during the English Civil War in 1644 when a defending garrison of Parliamentarians were defeated by attacking Royalists.

The high vantage point affords excellent views  over the local area.

Here is a video clip of the castle interior and local  landscape.




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